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What are supported brands of air conditioner?
The supported brands include: Carrier, Chofu (Japan models), Corona (Japan models), Daikin, Fujitsu (Japan models), Funai (Japan models), Haier, Heran, Hitachi, LG (Japan model), Mitsubishi (Japan models), Mitsubishi Electronics (Japan models), Panasonic, Sampo, Sanyo, Sharp (Japan models), Tatung, Teco, Toshiba. ( applicable for the models shipped since 2010 )
Which is the wireless access range?
The COMFORT uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology, and the range is approximately 100 feet or 30 meters in open space.
Will the Proximity function stops my favored temperature schedule settings?
With the Proximity function enabled, the COMFORT continues monitoring the Bluetooth connection with your smartphone and it will automatically turns off the air conditioner when the Bluetooth connection gets lost longer than 90s. When the Bluetooth connection exists, the COMFORT simply follows your favored temperature schedule settings to turn on and off your air conditioner.
Which kind of battery shall be used?
The COMFORT uses two AA batteries that are easily to be purchased at shops. Alkaline batteries are highly recommended for the optimal battery life.
How many bPoint devices can be paired and controlled with a smartphone?
An Android smartphone can concurrently connect and control up to 5 bPoint devices due to Android system limitation; an iOS smartphone supports more than 5 bPoint devices.
What shall I do if there's no Beep sound while pairing up with air conditioner?
It might be possible that your air conditioner is not yet supported by bPoint COMFORT's infrared remote database. Please contact "" and provide the model number of your air conditioner remote control.
How to turn off the alarm of bad air quality?
While the alarm on the COMFORT is activated, either hard pressing the center of BLE tag or click the button of on-screen notification message can turn the alarm off.
What does tVOC means?
The term TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compound) refers to the total concentration of multiple airborne VOCs present simultaneously in the air.

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